Adenoid Surgery

Adenoid surgery may be indicated alone or in combination with tonsillectomy. Indications for adenoid surgery are adenoid hypertrophy causing snoring, speech abnormality, mouth breathing, sleep apnoea syndrome, recurrent rhinosinusitis, ear diseases. The surgery is done always under general anaesthesia. This surgery is performed usually along with tonsillectomy or else can be removed endoscopically with debrider. Complications of adenoidectomy surgery includeshaemorrhage, injury to eustachian tube opening, injury to pharyngeal musculature & vertebrae, nasopharyneal stenosis due to scarring.

What are adenoids?

Adenoids are the part of lymphatic system. These are situated behind the nose, in nasopharynx.

What are purpose of adenoid?

They help to protect you from infection cause by several types of bacteria or viruses.

What are symptoms of adenoid?

They usually present with sore throat, snoring, or difficulty in breathing or nasal bleeding.

How are the adenoid hypertrophy identified?

Usually X ray nasopharynx is done, but in adults CT scan of PNS may be required.

Is surgery necessary?

Acute cases are initially treated with antibiotics but chronic will require surgery.