Bone anchored hearing aid (baha) consists of a titanium screw that becomes
osseointegrated in the skull bone behind the ear
It is the only us-fda approved bone conduction rehabilitation device available for
clinical use
An active bond between tissue and implant is created without capsule formation.
The implant is not only accepted, but incorporated into the bone
 Candidacy for BAHA  
atients using conventional bc hearing aid
Conventional ac hearing aid users with-
Chronic otorhoea
Chronic otitis media / externa
Uncontrollable feedback due to radical mastoidectomy or large meatoplasty
Otosclerosis, tympanosclerosis, canal atresia with a contraindication to repair for eg.
Only hearing ear
Combination with above mentioned diseases
Single sided deafness with better ear BC-PTA better than 45 and sds>60%