Ear Microsurgery

Ear Microsurgery includes tympanoplasty, myringoplasty, myringotomy, mastoidectomy and many other microscopic ear surgeries. These surgeries are done mainly for middle ear pathologies. Tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy procedures are done for chronicsuppurative otitis media. Myringotomy is done for middle ear effusion or serous otitis media. Exploratory tympanotomy is done for otosclerosis which is fixation of the ossicular chain. All these surgeries are done with the help of ear microscope and hence considered under the heading of ear microsurgeries.These procedures are often performed under local anaesthesia but in few cases general anaesthesia is required. Local anaesthesia is given with 2%lignocaine+adrenaline. Complications vary with different procedures. Most common being intra operative bleeding. Patient is given mastoid dressing for a week and indoor admission is required for 2-5 days.

What does Ear Microsurgery mean?

Performing ear surgery with the help of microscope since ear has many minute sturctures which require to be handled with care

When do you need to undergo surgery?

Usually when medical management is not effective, in otosclerosis surgery is treatment of choice

What is the duration of surgery?

Duration of surgery varies from 1hour for myringotomy to almost 3-4hours for mastoidectomy

What are the precautions to be taken after the surgery?

Usually mastoid dressing is given for a week. Keep the ear dry and avoid swimming, lifting heavy weights and sneezing.