Parotid Gland

  • Parotid gland is largest salivary gland. It situated below external auditory meatus and in front of temperomandibular joint. It produces saliva which keeps the oral cavity moist.
  • Parotid gland disease can be due to infection, tumor or obstruction to parotid duct.
  • Infection can due to viral (mumps) or bacterial (acute or chronic parotitis) and obstruction to parotid duct can be due to stone, stricture or stenoses. They usually present with swelling in preauricular region which may increase or decrease in size after food intake, fever, pain.
  • Treatment includes antibiotic, pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs. In case of It can be treated with antibiotics, analgesics & anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Chronic parotitis can also be due to stone, stricture, or stenosis which can be treated with help of sialoendoscopy by removal of stone and dialatation of stricture. It can be diagnosed with ultrasonography, sometimes computed tomography or magnetic resonance sialography may be required.
  • Parotid tumours can be present with painless parotid swelling which can be treated with surgery like complete or partial removal of gland. Diagnosis is confirmed by Ultrasonography, or Computed tomography scan. Sometimes surgery can lead to complication like facial weakness.